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Zandleven Coatings B.V. in cooperation with Performance Polymers bv developed a new product range to prevent corrosion under insulation (C.U.I.).These products can also be used in applications where high temperatures appear.

Thermaguard ™ products are produced locally and can be delivered within 24-48 hours (Benelux).
Thermaguard™ CUI 650
Thermaguard™ CUI 650 is a novel, single component, ambient curing polysiloxane coating formulated specifically to provide corrosion protection to under insulation environments where wet & dry cycling can occur. The coating conforms to the NACE SP0198-2010 classification, inert multi polymeric matrix coatings for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in both cryogenic & elevated temperature applications.
Through specific formulation technology the product can withstand temperatures from -196 to 650 °C, fully curing at ambient conditions eliminating the need for heat curing prior to service. The product has exceptional resistance to thermal cycling, hot saline water immersion & chemical exposure throughout its operating temperature range.
Thermaguard™ CUI 650 can be used in both OEM (shop application) & maintenance work due to having surface
tolerance to rusted steels which have been marginally prepared (St 2/3). Additionally, the product can be applied in
service to hot equipment operating up to 260 °C, removing the need for plant shut down periods.

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Thermaguard™ TC 1200
Thermaguard™ TC 1200 is a single component, ambient curing polysiloxane topcoat which is thermally colour stable at elevated temperatures. The product can be operated within cryogenic -196 to 650 °C temperature range.
Completely inorganic chemistry results in ultra-high performance regarding operating temperature & UV
Available in a full range of safety colours, RAL shades& custom colours formulated upon request. The product can be applied over suitably primed steel surfaces such Thermaguard™ SAL 600 anti-corrosion coating. Can be applied in service up to 130 °C substrate temperature.

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Thermaguard™ SAL 600
Thermaguard™ SAL 600 is a high temperature resistant siloxane aluminum, single component, ambient curing, coating which is designed to provide corrosion protection throughout a range of temperatures from -196 to600 °C.
Formulated coating to provide corrosion protection to steel equipment which is exterior exposed andoperating at elevated or cryogenic temperatures. Designed to withstand thermal cycling throughout its operating range while maintaining corrosion protection to steel substrates.

Thermaguard™ TIC 180
Thermaguard™ TIC 180 is a water based, single component, Thermal Insulation Coating (TIC),formulated to provide
a seamless weather resistant insulation film which can improve energy efficiency, prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) occurring, reduce condensation build up & provide personal protection according to ISO 13732-1.
The insulation coating acts as a thermal barrier, protecting interior temperatures against cold, warm & humid weather conditions. Can be easily implemented into an inspection program due to the elimination of external cladding therefore, offering a maintenance friendly insulation coating system.

Example systems:
Refer to the technical data sheets (TDS) for the correct method of pretreating, product properties and application.
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